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If you’ve found this website, you’re probably in the sort of business that will most benefit from The Vital Touch’s wellness plans for employees.

You’re looking for ways you can invest in, thank and incentivise your staff, and you understand that they’re part of the self-care generation: already knowledgeable and involved in fitness, wellness and clean-eating.

You also know that they’re working incredibly hard and deserve all the support they can get to combat workplace stress, back pain and posture problems and RSI.

Creating a wellness programme for them – providing it can deliver the standard of expertise that they’re used to in their own ‘private’ fitness regimes – is a win-win situation.

Importantly, people who enjoy their job perform better. Take the example of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. In 2013, the companies on that list averaged a revenue increase of 22.2%. Successful companies everywhere are now investing in health and wellness programmes for their employees. in fact, in many of the majors, it’s quite normal nowadays to have a ‘Wellness Manager’.

They know it makes good sense for people to take time out to relax and energise their bodies and their minds. Apart from the proven health, loyalty and team-building benefits, fit employees can deal more easily with stressful situations. And they’re less likely to need days off due to aches, pains or illness.

To sum it all up: an excellent workplace wellness plan can help retain (and attract) the very best talent.

Sourcing the best wellness therapy programmes

Look no further!

We’ve pioneered in-office wellness therapy for two decades. We offer a fantastic range of health and wellness programmes for employees – everything from our famous on-site seated chair massage, through Pilates and yoga to corporate fitness classes and wellness workshops – see below for the whole list.

The TVT team comprises a carefully-selected group of senior massage therapists, mindfulness coaches, nutritionists, fitness instructors and teachers.

We’re expert, caring and extremely good at what we do (please feel free to check this out with our lovely clients on our reviews page).

And what we do is send your staff back to their desks feeling more less stressed and more focussed, alert and grounded, free from back pain as well as mental tension – as well as happier and more appreciative too.

Let’s talk about what The Vital Touch can do for you.

Suzi Cinalli, Founder.

Suzi Cinalli, Founder.






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