Popular workplace wellness initiatives


Our clients love our Wellness events.

They’re a great team-building asset and a novel way to keep everyone (including your clients!) happy, motivated and loyal.


Seated Chair Massage for hospitality and events

You’ll find us backstage at big events like The Brits and the MTV Awards, dispelling stress and dispensing bliss in the form of our specialty: Seated Chair Massages.

And more and more frequently nowadays, you’ll also find us at smaller, private company events – just follow the happy queue.

We’ll treat them to a quick but delightful 5 or 10-minute neck and shoulder massage in our super-comfy ergonomic massage chair. It’s such an easy way to make a big impression with your thoughtfulness.


Chair Massage for special clients

A really memorable way to say thank-you after an intensive series of meetings or a successful presentation.

Book a single TVT therapist, or a team for a special bunch of clients. We’ll arrive with our ergonomic massage chairs and provide relaxing back massages for 15 – 60 minutes (your choice).

All our therapists are highly-experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about making people feel good. Their dedicated, professional attitude is certain to reflect well on your company.


Chair Massage at Trade Shows

Our Event Chair Massage is a proven, effective and unusual way to attract prospective clients to your stand. We’ll treat them to a quick 10-minute neck and shoulder massage in our super-comfy ergonomic massage chair.

Once they’re relaxed, the rest is up to you!


Wellness Days for employees

Caring companies are always looking for ways to thank their staff, and we’ve identified some calendar dates that are perfect for a Vital Touch of pampering, healthy fun. We’ll work with you to plan a treat that will reflect your own team’s interests and preferences and ensure a really successful and memorable day.



Mothers’ Day Massage Treat

On Mother’s Day, treat the special Mums in your office to a quick, relaxing 15 or 30- minute chair massage, or one of our relaxing yoga or Pilates classes…topped-off with a glamorous Shellac nail treatment. They’ll love you forever and work even harder


Fathers’ Day Massage Treat

The Dads in the office will enjoy a quick, relaxing 15 or 25-minute Seated Chair Massage, too. Then what about a boxing class, to get that team spirit going?


International Women’s Day

Many of our client companies celebrate this special day with a seated chair massage for all their female staff, followed perhaps by a yoga, Pilates or ballet-tone class. And of course, there’s our beauty services, too – how about a manicure or pedicure for that perfect finishing touch?


National Stress Awareness Month

This important initiative has been held in April every year since 1992.

Stress is one of the major causes of illness and absenteeism in the workplace. One of the ways you can demonstrate that you’re sensitive to the issue is by marking the day with some of our de-stressing services.

Choose from short 15 or 25-minute chair massages for all the staff, or perhaps a one-hour workshop on Beating Stress at Work. Calm busy minds with a Mindfulness workshop, choose a serene one-hour class in Yoga or Pilates, or let them punch it all out with a boxing class or dance it off with Zumba!


Mental Health Awareness Week
(second Monday in May)

Here’s another ideal occasion to introduce some relaxing workplace therapies and classes to help your staff de-stress.

Nowadays we all need to learn how to still the mind, especially since many of us lead stressful working lives with very little respite. Our experts will help, offering proven techniques that calm and re-balance a busy mind.

Begin with a relaxing 15 or 30-minute Seated Chair Massage, then choose from Mindfulness classes or perhaps some Yoga (‘the Moving Meditation’).

Our teachers and therapists are all highly experienced and passionate about helping people reach their optimum in mental as well as physical health.


Christmas Staff Treats

Caring employers can set up a day of Self-Care - the gift that goes on giving.

For example:

  • Relaxing Chair Massages to show your appreciation for another year of hard work
  • Mindfulness classes – the gift of serenity for years to come
  • Yoga and Pilates classes to stretch out stress
  • Boxing classes – the healthiest kind of Christmas punch!
  • Shellac nails – sparkle up those nails for the Christmas Party


If there’s just one day when you should say thank-you to EVERYONE in your company, this is it!

Let us put together a day they’ll never forget.

Some of our most popular recent Appreciation Days have included chair massages (choose either 15 or 25-minute sessions), yoga, Pilates, boxing, Mindfulness training and a selection of our inspiring interactive workshops.

All our therapists, teachers and coaches are highly-experienced and experts in their field. They’re passionate about passing on their knowledge and helping people feel good.






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