The classic Western massage treatment for the whole body


From £20


Our favourite classic, very relaxing massage is based on the popular Swedish technique, designed to increase oxygen flow and help the release of toxins from the muscles. It’s one of the most popular massage styles for overall relaxation.


It’s a therapeutic oil-based treatment, using strong but soothing strokes to release tension and revive muscles. Performed on the whole body whilst the client is lying on a couch, it leaves you feeling utterly relaxed. 


What our clients say…


How it works

  • Used by our clients on a regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly basis, or as a one-off for a treat or appreciation day

  • Received lying down on a massage table

  • Usually carried out during the normal working day

  • Duration – from 20-60 minutes

  • We provide everything you need to arrange the bookings

  • We’ll help you select a suitable space

  • Investment from £20: fully paid, part subsidised or individual payment options


An excellent session. The masseuse created a relaxing and friendly environment and I felt wonderful afterwards.
— Russell Garn

Benefits to the employee

  • Relaxing and calming

  • Destressing

  • Improves circulation

  • Helps promote better decision-making

  • Increased overall health




Benefits to the company

  • Reduces stress-related illness

  • Enhances performance

  • Increases productivity, focus and creativity

  • Decreases occupational health and HR costs

  • Less absenteeism due to stress and back problems

  • Better morale

  • Happier staff






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