Boxing Classes

Have fun, focus and get fighting fit


From £120


Boxing’s a knockout way for everyone to get fit. It boasts a multitude of benefits including blasting away up to 500 calories per hour whilst sculpting your arms, shoulders, core and legs. And because it needs extreme focus to nail those punch sequences, boxing trains your mind whilst it tones your body.

With TVT’s specially-designed exercise classes, your staff don’t have to go to a special gym to enjoy the benefits of boxing. No bag or gloves required!



What our clients say…


How it works

  • Choose from one to one sessions, group classes up to 20 max or Small groups of 4-8 people to allow for more individual attention

  • Available as a one-off or as weekly classes

  • Choose before-work, lunchtime or after-work classes

  • Duration – 45 or 60 minutes

  • Our teachers can run a group session to suit all abilities, from beginners to experienced boxers

  • You can have as many people in the class as the space allows.

  • We’ll help you identify a suitable space

  • Attendees should wear loose clothing or gym gear, and bring water and a towel

  • You may need a shower after a session

  • Investment – from £120  

The Vital Touch are awesome
— Selima

Benefits to the employee

  • Enhances cardiovascular fitness

  • Decreases stress

  • Boxers say the sport helps to improve mental acuity by speeding up reactions

  • Increased core strength will help lower back weakness caused by sitting at a desk all day

  • Builds resilience

  • Said to burn 500 calories per one-hour class!




Benefits to the company

  • Relieves employee stress

  • Helps prevent workplace-related injuries

  • Improves mental focus and decision-making skills

  • Enjoyable and beneficial: improves morale

  • Helps reduce absenteeism due to back pain

  • Suitable for male and female staff






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