Relaxation Classes

An oasis of mental calm in a busy working day


From £120


A gentle class designed to help relax the body and mind, calming the nervous system and slowing down busy minds.

The TVT therapist will take your staff through a series of gentle stretches designed to help lengthen-out their bodies after hours behind a desk.

Calming breathing techniques will help lower their blood pressure, still their busy minds and leave them mentally calm and grounded, relaxed, and free from back pain and discomfort.


What our clients say…


How it works

  • Choose from one to one sessions, group classes (up to 20 max), or small groups of 4-8 people to allow for more individual attention

  • Available as a one-off, or weekly classes to really reap the benefits

  • Choose before-work, lunchtime or after-work classes

  • Duration – 1 hour

  • You can have as many people in the class as the space allows

  • We’ll help you select a suitable space

  • Attendees should wear loose clothing or gym gear

  • Attendees can bring their own mats or we can provide them

  • Investment – from £120


Great Company to work with!
— Keanna Dyce - Carwow

Benefits to the employee

  • Lower stress levels and reduced stress-related sickness

  • Improved concentration and decision-making and ability to multi-task more effectively

  • Improved alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations

  • Relief of head, neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure.




Benefits to the company

  • General wellbeing in the workplace which reduces employee turnover

  • Staff are happier, more energetic and productive

  • Less stress-related illness and absenteeism






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